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Guangzhou huiyou case Co.,ltd was established in 2008, the year which was remarkable to this midium sized firm in a commanding and reputable positation. This all was due to its professional in Specific fields of manufacture, marketing and service and on-time delivery and with all deals concluding on a satisfied note.

Our main products is Music case, Rack cases, aluminum box and other customized case. we are sure you must be well informed about the products and also your markets particular requirement.since we are producer ourself, we are able to control and hold excellent prices for the products, and confident of our quality and ability. Besides manufacturing our owe products, we can also acting as commission/ buying agents for overseas clients who can choose their products, their vendors and the rest can handle by us.

If you are still looking around for reliability and perfection in business. We are just a finger-way. Just visit our Web Site and drop us a short message and we shall be very keen to be of service to you, As in every aspect, our first priority is customers satisfaction with no shorts.